Handmade ceramics online store OLHACERAMICS

Ceramic dishes. Vases, flower pots. Interior ceramics.
Handmade ceramics online store OLHACERAMICS
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In our online store you can find ceramic dish (plates, mugs, bowls, tureens etc.), pots, vases and other items for an interior.

Clay is an ecological natural material. People have been using clay since very old times. Current manufacturers of clay for ceramics add different additives to improve internals of material.

All of our products are auctorial handmade ceramics. Some of them made with pottery’s wheel, others are totally handcrafted. Most of them are made in single copy, but we repeat some items.
We guarantee safety and quality of our products, because we use only safe tested materials from leading global manufacturers.

All of our ceramic dish may be used for hot food and drinks. If you want to use our items for a long time, we recommend you to hold some maintenance advices. We don’t recommend to use dish washing machine and microware oven with some products. It’s related with decoration features.

With our ceramics you can add picturesque coloring in your life.
We hope our dish will become your favorites and our interior items will be stylish decoration of your home.

Our studio is located in Russia, St.-Petersburg, but we deliver our products all around the world.
If you have any questions or offers connect us.

Best regards, OLHACERAMICS.
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